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The Art of Delegating

Judicial Balance - Lessons for Law & Life
September, 2006
Volumn 2, Issue 1,

Have you mastered the art of delegating? As a judge, you are in a position of significant responsibility and leadership. To be successful, you must accomplish work through others-law clerks, judicial secretaries, court clerks-rather than do it all yourself. Delegating well helps you avoid work overload and unnecessary stress. Dr. Ellen Ostrow's detailed article on effective delegating for attorneys applies equally to judges. Ostrow notes the skills necessary to delegation, including setting priorities, communication about expectations, motivating others, and offering feedback. The first step in delegation is the toughest: sacrificing time in the short-run to meet long-term goals. Please see, "How Effective Are Your Delegating Skills?" by Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D., The Connecticut Lawyer, February 2006, originally featured in Beyond the Billable Hour, Issue 39, Part 2.


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