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Scott Howard, JD, CEC, MCC

Scott Howard, JD, CEC, MCC

Scott Howard, JD, CEC, MCC
Career Consultant
Phone: (410) 802-6730
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Scott Howard has worked with numerous lawyers across many practice areas helping them identify and change limiting mindsets, prepare for promotion, or transition their careers into a new practice areas or an entirely new profession.

He has coached attorneys and helped to enhance their leadership potential, strengthen communication skills, negotiate workplace politics and integrate work-life balance habits that cultivate resilience.  Additionally, Scott has extensive experience assisting lawyers through career transition, outplacement plans or designing an action agenda to migrate to a non-legal profession.  His attention to detail and exceptional communication skills are instrumental to attorneys in conveying their talent offering and building their personal brand in the job market.

An attorney himself, licensed by the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia, Scott knows the legal culture and the dynamic challenges facing lawyers and law firms.

Scott’s coaching style is client centered and strengths based.  As an instructor of coaching and ethics in coaching, he integrates the latest and most effective, evidence-based coaching techniques to help clients design action plans and move forward.

Scott has coached and facilitated groups on a variety of topics including leadership development, ethics, strategic planning, communications, and diversity inclusion.  In addition to attorneys, he’s worked with national and international business leaders, prominent architects, world-class academics, IT professionals, and high potentials in the finance and wealth management space.  

Before coaching, Scott was a Commander in the U. S. Coast Guard with over 25 years of experience leading people and teams as both a senior officer and judge advocate. Having served on seven ships and five legal service commands, he’s helped organize and execute many nationally significant operations including homeland security initiatives and high profile search and rescue operations.  Prior to leaving the Service, Scott served as the Deputy of the Coast Guard Legal and Defense Service, providing legal services to nearly 40,000 active duty and reserve members.

Scott is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentialed by the International Coach Federation.  He is a certified executive coach and a certified life coach. 


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