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Senior Partner in Large Law Firm

A large law firm retained us to coach a highly valued and successful woman partner in order to optimize her leadership and team-building skills.  An extensive series of 360-degree assessment interviews were conducted and the client completed a range of objective assessments.  The partner was able to utilize the assessment information and coaching to develop a strong, high-functioning practice team.  The assessment also revealed important diversity-related information which was shared with firm management.

Lateral Partner in Global Law Firm

As part of its Women’s Initiative, we were asked to coach a woman partner who had recently made a lateral transition to the firm.  Coaching focused on developing relationships with key stakeholders, acquiring important institutional knowledge and internal marketing.

Office Managing Partner in National Firm

The new woman managing partner of an office of the firm was offered coaching as part of the firm’s leadership development program.  Multiple interviews were conducted and combined with the results of objective assessments in order to design an individualized leadership development plan.  The partner was able to change a formerly competitive office culture into a collaborative one, improve productivity among partners in the office and develop a strengths-based approach to leadership.

Lateral Partner in Global Law Firm

A woman partner asked us to coach her as she transitioned from the Asia practices of one firm to another.  Coaching goals included becoming integrated into her new firm, developing important relationships throughout the firm, retaining old and developing new clients, integrating her practice with appropriate others, getting needed resources and effectively negotiating the fine line of promoting herself internally without eliciting backlash from the largely male partnership.

Managing Partner of Small Firm

The managing partner of a small matrimonial firm sought our services to assist with a difficult split among the partnership.  Coaching helped her manage the dissolution of the firm and the creation of a new firm.  “Lessons learned” from the experience at the prior firm became useful foundations for the development of effective new systems and approaches to management.

Unhappy Law Firm Partner to Solo

A woman partner at a large firm was frustrated by her compensation and significant challenges integrating work and family, including frequent questioning by male partners about her absences from the office.  She sought coaching to help her decide whether to try to negotiate a better arrangement at the firm or to consider alternatives.  She concluded that starting her own practice would allow her to choose her clients and work flexible hours.  Shortly after starting her own firm she was able to accomplish these goals as well as exceed the compensation she’d been receiving at the large firm.

Associate at Regional Law Firm

An associate at a regional firm did not foresee good prospects at her current firm.  She sought coaching to help her examine options, consider her practice strengths and interests and assess her marketability.  She viewed coaching as a means to proactively take control of her career rather than waiting to see what her firm would do.


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