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Business Development Coaching for Women in the office of a Global Law Firm

We provided on-going business development coaching for a group of non-equity partners located within one office of a global firm.  Coaching focused on creating individual business development plans, breaking these into action steps and providing accountability for the implementation of plans.  The group format enabled the participants to network with one another, provide each other with needed contacts, connections and advice and to cross-sell their services to one another and to other’s practice groups.  Tracking of progress indicated significant increases in marketing activities as well as revenue for each year the program was offered.

Leadership Development Coaching for Women Attorneys

Women attorneys ranging from senior associates to equity partners in both large and small firms enroll in this group when taking on a new leadership roll or challenge.  Coaching focuses on facilitating action learning of fundamental leadership principles, assuming the identity of a leader and navigating the challenges women leaders face in cultures with traditional male models of leadership.


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