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Group Coaching Services

Group coaching links together individual attorneys facing common obstacles or shared goals.  Groups may be created formally or informally.  Lawyers Life Coach frequently creates coaching groups on specific themes, such as women’s business development, leadership developmentand lawyer moms.  Groups are conducted via conference calls and may include attorneys calling in from a wide variety of work settings and geographic locations or participants may all belong to the same organization.  We also create groups on an ad hoc basis when a group of friends or colleagues want to work together to accomplish similar goals.

In all cases, the coach works with group participants to clarify their desired goals for group coaching.  Group members are asked to commit to maintaining the confidentiality of group communications.  Some groups are on-going while others are time-limited (typically three to six months of twice/month coaching calls).  Groups have consistent meeting times and each call lasts 60 – 90 minutes.

Our experienced coaches use motivational, counseling, consultative and educational approaches to facilitate the group as well as each individual member’s optimal effectiveness.  Participants also benefit from the support and shared experience of other group members.

Group Coaching offers a variety of benefits:

  • Common goals and experiences – the opportunity to discover that you’re not “the only one”
  • Networking and collegiality
  • Multiple perspectives for brainstorming and problem-solving
  • The opportunity to help others
  • Learning from the experience of other attorneys
  • Shared encouragement and accountability
  • Reduced cost

Group coaching is not appropriate for you if:

  • You are unable to attend regularly-scheduled group coaching calls
  • You prefer having your coach focus only on you

If your goals do not fall within available group topics, our coaches will help you organize an ad hoc coaching group with a few friends and/or colleagues to address topics of shared interest.  Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Please see our calendar for current and forthcoming groups.


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