Women's Advancement Individual and Group Coaching for Law Firms

Individual and Group Coaching for Law Firms

Specialized Career Advancement Coaching for Women

The attrition of talented women from law firms continues to create a significant “brain drain” as well as enormous financial cost.  Research consistently indicates that women DO NOT leave their firms due to the “pull of time.”  Rather, women feel pushed out by their firms’ failures to provide equitable opportunities for them to succeed. Without efforts to level the playing field, firms fail to reap the benefits of their investments in hiring and training the gifted women they recruited to their firms.

In addition, the rankings in widely read industry publications can bring uncomfortable attention to firms that have had difficulty retaining women lawyers.  Firms are increasingly being asked by clients to account for the attrition of women attorneys and their absence from leadership ranks.

The bottom-line benefits to businesses with a significant presence of women among their leadership ranks have been repeatedly documented.  Firms failing to retain and advance women will not reap these rewards.

Lawyers Life Coach is the leader in providing career advancement coaching for women attorneys.  Since 1998, we have facilitated the success of 100s of women in law firms and corporate legal departments.

We provide coaching services specifically designed help women attorneys to succeed in their firms and successfully navigate the “labyrinth to leadership.”

Our coaching typically focuses on one or more of the following:

  • Business development
  • Self-promotion and visibility
  • Negotiations skills
  • Supervision and leadership within institutions accustomed to masculine styles of leading
  • Preparing your practice for parental leave
  • Successfully returning from parental leave
  • Managing alternative work arrangements
  • Specialized coaching for Women’s Initiative leadership

Our coaching programs are tailored to the needs of the firm and attorneys.  Coaching sessions can be conducted both virtually (via phone with email backup) and in person.  Please contact Ellen for additional information.


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