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Leadership Excellence (March 2010)

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March, 2010



Coaching Group is Accepting a Limited Number of New Members




A Virtual Coaching Group from Lawyers Life Coach, LLC

Meets the First and Third Wednesdays of every month

From 3:00 to 4:00 PM Eastern (NY) time  

Facilitator:  Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D., CMC



It's lonely at the top for every leader.  Information flows down, not up.  Leaders are least likely to receive important feedback.  For women lawyers, leadership can be even lonelier.  With law firms stalled at only around 18% women partners, there are often few people to whom women leaders feel they can turn - without fear of judgment -- to discuss the labyrinth of challenges they encounter. Without role models and peer support, it's all too easy to feel insecure in a new role as leader. Women lawyers often face challenges to their competence. Frequently, they find themselves overloaded with administrative responsibilities.  Too many fail to earn equitable compensation or to get the corner office they deserve.  Over time confidence and optimism begin to erode.

LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE is intended to empower women attorney to effectively face the challenges of leadership and to enable them to realize their potential.

The LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE group provides women law leaders with a safe and confidential environment to set and achieve their leadership goals and to receive leadership coaching and peer mentoring.  Group members offer support, non-judgmental accountability, role-modeling, and a wide range of ideas, perspectives and experience.

Since October 2004, the LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE Coaching Group has enabled many women lawyers to accomplish their leadership goals and "graduate" while welcoming new participants. Throughout, the group has focused on the needs of women attorneys ready to build a highly productive team and attain significant influence in the workplace.

Right now, the group - which is limited to eight (8) participants - has the rare opportunity to welcome two (3) new members.


"This group is so important to me.  I look forward to the calls.  Listening to the others [women on the call] makes me realize that I have experienced gender bias.  I'm glad that I can identify it now - not to feel like a victim but to determine a constructive strategy for dealing with it."


"I've learned to trust myself and to no longer fear putting myself out there.  It's very important to me to be an authentic leader and now I feel like I am one."

"I'm finding a stronger voice for myself and asking for the credit that I deserve."

"Participating the group reminds me of the strength of women who have encountered obstacles but move forward anyway rather than withering away."

"It's not that I haven't heard these ideas before.  But this is an opportunity to really focus on developing my leadership abilities.  Instead of just thinking about it, I'm putting it on the top of my list and implementing changes."

"Ellen has been absolutely terrific on the calls.  She has a wonderful way of pulling out the best in us while also helping us recognize the gender bias issues that influence our professional development."

"I really appreciated the focus on the possibilities for the future rather than on the mistakes I've made in the past."

"I've avoided thinking about these things for so long, and now I feel liberated at the prospect of addressing them."

"I had no idea that among us we could create so many connections to people and resources that we need.  The process is transformational."

"Now I have the courage to confront difficult situations."

"The group is helping me lead my firm through its growing pains."

"I really value the support and honest feedback I get here. I can see the value of the group from the very first call."

"It helps to realize that it's not just personal.  People often resist change.  I have good company in dealing with the resistance."

"There's so much power on this call. It gives me the energy to keep going."


Learn how to:

  • Communicate a clear and compelling message;
  • Delegate effectively;
  • Effectively manage conflict;
  • Address the lack of presumption of competence when you take on a leadership role;
  • Overcome resistance to your leadership;
  • Build and manage your team;
  • "Read" other people and tailor your message to the specific person and situation;
  • Effectively promote yourself in order to receive recognition for your abilities and to bring in business;
  • Project confidence and competence;
  • Develop strategies for enlisting the cooperation of powerful others in your efforts to achieve your goals;
  • Build valuable social capital;
  • Influence others; and,
  • Negotiate for the compensation you deserve. 

Other Benefits:

  • Reduce your isolation;
  • Share your experiences in a trusting and supportive learning environment with other women facing similar challenges;
  • Set specific goals for your own leadership development and have the group coach you to accomplish your goals; and,
  • Go beyond a conceptual understanding of leadership.  Practice translating your knowlege into action.


A virtual group is simply a conference call with attorneys from many different locations participating on the call. Many women attorneys don't realize how many others share their feelings and experiences.  Joining a virtual  coaching group is an opportunity to see that you're in excellent company - and you'll learn from the trials, successes, and support of other group participants.

This is the most convenient, time-efficient way to develop your leadership skills and confidence as well as to connect with women attorneys throughout the country.

LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE is facilitated by Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D., CMC, founder principal of Lawyers Life Coach, LLC.  You can read Ellen's bio by clicking here.

The fee for this coaching group is $165.00/month for two one-hour calls/month. 

There will be occasional bonus calls for no additional fee.

The group is limited to eight members.  There is room to accept ONLY THREE (3) new participants.

Questions?  Contact Ellen at 301-578-8686 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To register, please print out and complete the form below and fax it to 661-244-4904. 



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Please debit my credit card in the amount of $165 and charge my credit card $165 in advance for each month of group coaching calls. The client may discontinue automatic debit at any time by notifying the coach.
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Please fax Registration to our secure fax: 301-587-4327.
Thank you!

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