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Special Edition: Women Lawyers and Business Development

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Special Edition

Women Lawyers and Business Development


A New Article by Ellen Ostrow appearing in "The Complete Lawyer"

Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D., Editor: Ellen is the founder of Personal and Career Coaching for Lawyers Determined to Achieve Extraordinary Professional Success AND a Fulfilling Life


Most attorneys -- especially women -- live impossibly busy lives. Finding a balance between work and life without sacrificing professional success, deciding on the best practice area or work setting, and making career transitions can be a daunting task, even for the most gifted and accomplished lawyer.

Just as every person deserves the best possible legal counsel, every attorney deserves professional, dedicated support in accomplishing her most important goals. You know how hard you've worked to get where you are -- you serve others, both personally and professionally. You've earned the right to both career success and a fulfilling life.

This newsletter is intended to help you create a satisfying life -- within, or outside of -- legal practice.

Women Lawyers and Business Development

"WOMEN LAWYERS AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT" is my latest article as the editor of the Women in Law department of "The Complete Lawyer". The focus of this issue is "The Art and Science of Rainmaking."
"The Complete Lawyer" is the ONLY ezine for lawyers focused solely on personal and professional development.
Regular departments include Business Development, Leadership, Personal Development, Communication, Navigating Your Career, Women in Law, Diversity and Work-Life Balance.
To read the latest issue of "The Complete Lawyer" click here:
As you can see, the authors are among the most respected and distinguished in their areas of expertise.
If you've read "Gender on Trial" and/or participated in our "Meet the Author" call with Holly English, Esq., you'll want to read Holly's article:

PLEASE CONSIDER THE VALUE TO YOUR ORGANIZATION, LEGAL DEPARTMENT OR LAW FIRM OF RECEIVING "THE COMPLETE LAWYER." It's an easy, cost effective way to provide people with some of the best professional development information available today.

To read "Women Lawyers and Business Development" click here:

If you read the current issue of "The Complete Lawyer" you'll also see the letters written in response to my last article on gender schemas. Quite a range of reactions!
The editors of "The Complete Lawyer" welcome your responses to all of the articles in this issue. Your letters provide fresh perspectives and are also ways to increase your own visibility in the legal community.
And, of course, I always welcome your letters to me.

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